October 10

Understanding BR1M

If you are located in Malaysian’s neighboring countries, and also have friends in Malaysia, you have probably already learned about BR1M. This means Bantuan Rakyat 1 Malaysia that’s the government’s scheme for cash assistance to households that are in need. Although the program received a lot of criticism and opposition, it still continues until now. In actuality, the BR1M 2018 is defined to be distributed to citizens next year. The intention of the scheme would be to redistribute wealth to the needier course of this society. You can find more details on brim 2018 on the site brim.biz.

In some countries, they have their own means of assisting people who belong to this marginalized group of this society. Like BR1M, poor men and women might benefit out of it. Many men and women believe that this is one of the responsibilities of this government, to help the needy and the poor, however, controversies come in the way of distributing it.

There are a number of Malaysian citizens that see BR1M not helpful to individuals. Why? It’s due to its way of distributing it. But what happened was, even those who have the capacity to work for a living get welfare which exceeds BR1M’s purpose. As a result, these individuals became dependent on which they may receive, rather than work harder for themselves and to their family.

BR1M, for me in general, is great. The intention of wealth distribution would be reasonable, but the government must look into the guidelines on whom will this assistance shall be correctly given. We believe that the government has a definite qualification and also a standard on who will be receiving money assistance. This scheme will be distributed to recipients.

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