February 5

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Capable Hands Technologies, Inc.
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Kristopher Johnson is founder, president, and principal engineer of Capable Hands Technologies, Inc.

Kris has been a professional software developer since 1992. Right out of college, he went to work for a traffic-engineering firm, and worked on traffic control and monitoring systems for New York City, New York State, Maryland, and the County of Los Angeles, among other clients. He got a lot of experience writing cross-platform code for heterogeneous environments that included OpenVMS, UNIX, OS/2, VxWorks, and Windows.

For the past few years, Kris has been working in the gaming industry, developing systems for lotteries, race tracks, and casinos, using C, C++, C#, and Python, for customers in the US, Australia, and Europe. He has worked on embedded systems, point-of-sale terminals, and application servers.

When he is not working for employers or clients, Kris experiments with a variety of programming languages and software design techniques. Most of these experiments have no direct relation to “real work,” but Kris knows that exposure to different paradigms improves programming and problem-solving abilities in all contexts.

In his spare time, Kris is currently concentrating on Mac OS X Cocoa and iPhone Cocoa Touch development. He has sold and distributed iPhone applications through Apple’s App Store. This hasn’t made him rich yet, but he’s hopeful.

Kris is active on Twitter (@OldManKris) and has a blog (Undefined Value).

Kris lives in a cabin on a mountaintop in northern Georgia (USA) with his wife, stepson, and three Yorkshire Terriers.